1st international online fertility show on 17. & 18 April 2021

Your 1st International
Fertility Show
at 17. & 18 April 21
starts in


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We look forward to seeing you on April 17th and 18th, 2021.

As you walk through our three-dimensional exhibition hall, you can explore the exhibitor booths and interact live with our global fertility experts

Why should you visit us?

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Guaranteed Corona Free

Stay at home; we bring international fertility experts and fertility clinics directly into your home.
You don't have to wear an annoying mouth/nose guard or keep a minimum distance.
Guaranteed Corona Free

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World-renowned fertility experts

World-renowned fertility experts from the top-rated fertility clinics are waiting to help you and advise you on your fertility journey.

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Personal conversations with fertility experts

Please book your appointment for a personal consultation with our fertility experts right now before the online show starts These take place in a personal 1:1 video chat

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Live lectures

On both days of fertility show, our fertility experts will be giving interesting live lectures on all topics relating to infertility problems

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Personal conversations with patient carers

Talk to the patient care staff of the Fertility Clinics and our partners at the show.

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Free participation in the fair

Of course, your visit to the online fertility show is completely free of charge.


Who should visit the Online Fertility Show?

The Online Fertility Show is suitable for all couples who need support on their fertility journey The reason for the necessary support is irrelevant. Whether you need psychological support, support from a support group, fertility products, exchange in a fertility community, IVF treatment, ROPA treatment or any other treatment/support.

For this purpose, you have access to the world’s leading fertility experts (doctors, therapists, and more), fertility clinics, and fertility products suppliers.

At the Online Fertility Show you will find the support and exchange as well as expert advice that will help you on your fertility journey.

Before the beginning of the online fertility show, please register for our experts’ live lectures and personal discussions with the reproductive physicians.

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