4th Virtual Fertility Experts Fair

On February 25 & 26, 2023, the
4th Virtual Fertility Experts Fair will take place.
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What to expect

International Experts

Meet international fertility experts at their booths in the virtual exhibition hall and learn about treatment and support options.

In personal consultations, the experts will show you ways for your fertility treatment.

Expertise & Personality

  • Personal conversations with fertility experts

    Book your personal consultation with our fertility experts in a private Live Chat before the show even begins.
    Limited number of seats!

  • Meeting with patient advisors

    At the clinic booths, you can speak directly with patient coordinators and fertility experts.

  • Free of charge

    Of course, the visit to the fair is completely free of charge for you as a fertility couple or single.

  • Renowned fertility experts

    Leading specialists from renowned fertility clinics are waiting to support and help you on your fertility journey.

  • Live Webinars

    On both days of our Virtual Fertility Experts fair, our fertility experts will give interesting live presentations on all topics related to the wish to have a child, you can ask the experts your questions directly

  • Fertility Community

    We show you the possibilities of our unique fertility community.

Who is the Virtual Fertility Experts Fair suitable for?

You need support on your fertility journey

The Virtual Fertility Experts Fair is for everyone who has a fertility problem, whether a couple or single, whether homosexual or heterosexual.

You will find information and advice about:

  • Sperm Donation
  • IUI
  • IVF
  • ICSI
  • PGD
  • Open egg donation
  • anonymous egg donation
  • Fertility 40+
  • ROPA
  • Male infertility
  • Psychological support
  • Nutrition
  • and many more

This unique and one-of-a-kind fair is the place for you.

Live Webinars

Topic Time Registration link

Webinar overview coming soon


Webinar overview coming soon



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Our exhibitors

For detailed exhibitor information, mouse over or click on the image.

Virtuelle Kinderwunsch Messe Aussteller NEWLIFE Logo
Newlife IVF Greece

Newlife IVF Greece offers you all fertility treatment options, including open egg donation.

Virtuelle Kinderwunsch Messe Aussteller Tanja Romano
Tanja Romano | Fertility Coach

If you no longer know how to deal with the unfulfilled desire to have children, then it's time for a «gamechanger» In coaching, we find out which needs are currently in the foreground.

Nathalie Wiederkehr | Fertility Expert

I am committed to ensuring that all women have access to reputable, successful and affordable fertility clinics, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, financial background, sexual orientation or marital status.

Clinica Tambre Spain

Clinica Tambre is your personal fertility clinic in Madrid with personal international care

Diers IVF Denmark

Diers IVF is based in Denmark. We specialize in egg donation and are the only clinic that provides egg donor profiles with pictures and information on the website. We offer both open and anonymous egg donation and have a waiting time of only 5–6 weeks.

Logo Pronatal - Mitglied der Gruppe MEDICON
Pronatal Czech

We have over 25 years of experience in infertility treatment. We operate 11 centers for assisted reproduction and our own genetic laboratory. And to be sure that you and your baby are well, we have opened a center for prenatal diagnostics in Prague. We offer anonymous egg donation.

Dr. Nicolas Zech | Reproductive Medicine

Fertility and health belong together! Only on fertile soil healthy life thrives optimally. This is the ZEM.WAY teaching with the 4B`s (Brain, Body, Business, Bonding).

IVF Life

Presentation exhibitor follows....

Our experts

Book your personal consultation with our fertility experts.

With a click on the calendar, you can directly book your personal consultation.

Christos Roukoudis

Reproductive Medicine, Newlife IVF Greece

Click on the calendar to schedule an appointment

Dr. Jana Bechthold

Reproductive Medicine, Clinica Tambre

Click on the calendar to schedule an appointment

Nadine Scheffler

Fertility Coordinator, DIERS IVF

Click on the calendar to schedule an appointment

MUDr. Nicole Mardešićová, MHA

PRONATAL Sanatorium, Head Physician of PRONATAL Group

Click on the calendar to schedule your personal consultation

Sabine Verges

Naturopath and fertility expert

Click on the calendar to schedule an appointment

Tanja Romano

Fertility Coach

Click on the calendar to schedule an appointment

Mette Primdahl Rasmussen, Eizellspende-Koordinatorin

Mette Primdahl Rasmussen

egg donation coordinator, Diers IVF

Click on the calendar to schedule an appointment

Nathalie Wiederkehr

Fertility expert, especially for Cyprus

Click on the calendar to schedule an appointment

Our expert network

Our Partner

Experts & Clinics

Diers IVF
Clinica Tambre
Newlife IVF Greece
IVF Life
Dr. Nicolas Zech
Tanja Romano
Nathalie Wiederkehr


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